Wall Sconce & Shelf

Wall Scones & Shelf Units

Tea Light Sconce Sample. Shabby Chic & Burned.

Wall scones and small shelf units to hold Candles, Tea Lights or Plants etc.

You might even find Coat hooks & Key hangers somewhere in this department.

Hand made to order so different sizes & designs are available, please CONTACT ME

These recycled timber rustic wall sconces, shelf units, coat hooks & key hangers are available in various finishes which are described in more detail in the product description.

  • Shabby chic. various colours.
  • Shou sugi ban, Japanese wood burning.
  • Lichtenberg, high voltage fractals.
  • Natural sanded.
  • Wood stained, various colours.

Jam Jar Wall Sconce Rustic Plank Reclaimed Wood

Jam Jar Wall Sconce Rustic Plank Reclaimed Wood

Embossed Jam Jar Rustic Wall SconceThe glass jar has the word "Fresh" embossed on the front & me..


Tea Light Candle Sconce

Tea Light Candle Sconce

Rustic Tea Light Candle SconceHand made from re-cycled timber and available in 3 different rustic fi..


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